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Father Sends Son to School with Marijuana

Father Sends Son to School with Marijuana

File this under a case of bad lunch-making.

A Connecticut father is under arrest after his son’s daycare found marijuana in the 18-month-old’s lunch box.

NBC Connecticut reports, workers at the boys daycare found what appeared to be marijuana filled cigarettes in the lunch box on Thursday afternoon.

Following an investigation and interview with the father, John Sulzbach, 33, authorities determined the marijuana cigarette was dropped into the lunch pale the night before when Sulzbach was making his sons lunch. A search of Sulzbach’s home found less than an ounce of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

He was arrested on Sunday and charged with possession of a controlled substance and the risk of injury to the morals of a child.

Lesson for father: keep your drugs way from you’re kids lunch. Tater tots and bongs do not get along.

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