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Condoms have a lot going for them: they’re relatively cheap, they’re the only thing that can protect a guy from HIV and other STDs, and, when used correctly, they’re effective at preventing pregnancy.

That said, when a guy buys some condoms, he’s usually looking for something that won’t feel like a condom.

The main reasons guys don’t like condoms is that they dull the sensations from their penis to one degree or another and, of course, they require a pause in the action in order to get one on.

This doesn’t have to be a big deal — it can even be part of the action if, for example, the partner puts the condom on. Some women, no doubt, like to know that, yes, the condom actually is on and is on correctly (i.e. all the way on, so it’s not likely to slip off).

Condoms come in different sizes, so it pays to experiment.  You don’t want one that’s either too tight or too baggy. Other features, such as lubrication, addition of a spermicide, colors, or flavors may, or may not be important, but it’s nice to have a range of options.

One type of condom deserves a call-out: “skin” condoms. These are made from the cleaned and sterilized natural pouch in the small intestine of a sheep. There’s only one brand on the market right now, the Trojan Naturalamb.

They’re not for everyone. For one thing, they’re slightly “baggy” on most guys, which you either love or hate. But some guys swear they get more feeling from “skins” than from even the new types of ultrathin condoms.

One big problem with these babies, however, is that they only protect against pregnancy…NOT sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. Because they’re made from animal skin, they contain small pores, or holes. The holes are small enough to block sperm. But smaller viruses zip merrily through.


Another thing to remember about condoms is that they’ll work better and feel better if you use some extra lube … even with ones that claim to be “lubricated.”  Using lubrication (always water-based … no petroleum jellies or other oil-based products!) will reduce the chances the condom will break, and it will be more pleasurable for your partner.

Lubrication is particularly important—in fact, mandatory—if you engage in anal sex.

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