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What are the most common treatments of STDs?

What are the most common treatments of STDs?

All sexual activity comes with the risk of passing a disease-causing infection from one partner to the other. Sexual organs are among the few natural passages between the outside world and the insides of our bodies, so they are particularly sensitive to infections.

Sexually transmitted diseases are caused primarily by three types of foreign bodies: Bacteria, Viruses and Parasites.

Bacteria are living single-celled organisms that thrive and multiply in the warm, moist cracks and folds of our genital areas. Viruses are most commonly spread when people’s blood comes in contact with the outside world. Parasites include organisms such as pubic lice, known all too well by their victims as “crabs.” They are insects that are not much bigger than the head of a pin.

HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is the most dangerous of all the STD’s and is not yet curable.

HIV primarily spreads when two partner’s blood comes into contact. It can lie dormant for awhile but eventually eats away at the infected person’s immune system, making it more and more difficult for him or her to fight off infections. Doctors often prescribe antiretroviral for the treatment of HIV/AIDS. The medication makes it possible to lead a long and healthy life.

Other STDs including herpes can be treated with medication. Keep in mind there is no cure for herpes but medication can shorten outbreaks and make it less likely that you pass the infection to a partner.

STDs caused by bacterial infections  – like chlamydia and gonorrhea – can be treated with oral antibiotics and creams.

Parasitic STDs like pubic lice – “the crabs” – can be treated with prescription creams and prevented by washing your bed linens often. Internal parasites like Trichomoniases, which thrive in moist areas like the urethra and the vagina, can be treated with oral medication.

STDs require medical attention. If you suspect you have an STD, refrain from sexual activity until your doctor has given you a clean bill of health … down there.

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