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‘I’m sorry but I love men’

‘I’m sorry but I love men’

Brian is having a lot of issues with his live-in girlfriend, Sarah. He’s ejaculating too quickly and she recently told him she wants to bring another woman into their relationship to spice up their sex life. But Brian doesn’t want that. He has a surprise of his own for Sarah.

My Advice:

Sarah, it seems as if Brian isn’t satisfying you. You have been fantasizing about being with a woman for a while and you think it could be a way to spice up your relationship. You need to communicate with him what you want in the bedroom that would satisfy your desires while communicating your love for him in that fantasy. So what do you need to Brian to do to make sex more satisfying for you?

Brian: Do I need to bring another man in?

Sarah: No! Of course not! I don’t want another man in the bedroom with me and you. I want to spice up things, to have another woman because that’s a fantasy that I want. And if you’re interested in other women, we can enjoy that woman at the same time.

Brian: I don’t like that. I might be interested in dating another man… I’ve been having these feelings for men lately.

Sarah, look how you reacted when he said he wanted to be with another man. So now you understand how he felt when you said you wanted to be with another woman.

Sarah: This is first time you’re hearing about this but this is also the first time I’m hearing this. At least I told you about my fantasies beforehand… I have not acted on anything with another woman since I told you.

Harry: Brian, do you really want to have sex with another man? Have you had sex with another man?

Brian: Yes. Sarah, honestly I’m really sorry to let you know I have been having oral sex with another man. Sarah, I haven’t been able to ejaculate with you for the last two months. You haven’t been fulfilling my needs.

Harry: Brian tell her the truth about you.

Brian: Sarah, I’m gay… I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. I love men. Sarah, it’s over. I want to move on. I’m moving out on Monday.

Sarah: What you going to move in with your boyfriend? Is this somebody that I know?

Brian: Yes, Sarah. It’s your cousin, Tony. Tony and I have been messing around for the last two or three months.

You two just started your conversation. You guys haven’t been communicating. This is a lot more than we thought it was and you thought it was. You two need to continue talking and iron this out.

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