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Colored semen?

Colored semen?

Surely not every ejaculation is pearly white and rife with sperm. This may sound gross, but what about pink semen or yellowish semen? Semen that looks like it would fit right in at a Phish show?

Pink or red-tinged semen is the result of blood mixing with the semen, either in the prostate or during ejaculation. This can mean a number of things, most of which require attention but which are not life threatening. In most cases, the guy has a bacterial infection of some type or an enlarged prostate. Rarely is it prostate cancer. The only way to find out is to have him go to an urologist for a complete workup.

Semen that is yellow or greenish in color is a sign of infection, often due to gonorrhea. If it is gonorrhea, treatment is simple with the use of antibiotics.

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