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‘I love my girlfriend, but I can’t give her an orgasm during sex!’

‘I love my girlfriend, but I can’t give her an orgasm during sex!’

Most of Jimmy’s girlfriends have not had orgasms during sex, and he wants to know what he’s doing wrong and what can be done to fix things. On top of this, he’s worried his penis is too small to provide enough stimulation during sex. Is there anything he can do to make his girlfriend happy in bed?

My advice:

Jimmy, this is a very common problem. Did you know 50% of women can’t achieve orgasm through vaginal penetration at all? So there’s no reason to think you’re alone with this issue. Everyone thinks there’s a mechanical aspect to good sex, but with women, that’s just not how things work.

Here’s the good news. The solution is actually simpler than you think. When it comes to pleasuring most women, it’s better to think of a roadmap to their sensitive areas when thinking of their physical pleasure, and I’ve broken this roadmap down to three different parts that I call “The LSD Effect.”

The first part is listening. The vast majority of my female patients tell me they wish they were listened to more often. Trust me, a little attention paid to your lady goes a long way.

The second thing women need to feel is a sense of security. This is why wealthy men can be very attractive to women even if they’re not particularly physically attractive. It makes them feel financially secure. But you don’t need money to make a woman feel secure. Just looking out for her can make all the difference.

The third is desire. Your lady needs to feel wanted and longed for like she’s the most important thing in the world to you.

These are all elements of what’s called foreplay. Great foreplay doesn’t start in the bedroom; it starts every morning when you get up and start communicating with your girlfriend. Use these tips and you’re guaranteed to set the mood right.

As for your penis, most men think they’re too small, but unless you’re less than three inches when erect, your length should not affect your ability to provide your lover with an orgasm. Remember, though, that the source of most women’s orgasms is the clitoris, so either you need to directly stimulate her there or she can do it. This is perfectly normal and experimenting to find the positions or techniques that are most arousing to her can be exciting in and of itself. When it comes to stimulation, you should concentrate on foreplay instead of penis insecurities, keep an open mind about how you approach sex, and I guarantee you will have no problems in the bedroom.

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