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Since the penis gets hard like a bone, does that mean it can break?

Since the penis gets hard like a bone, does that mean it can break?

Since the penis is so sensitive and it gets hard like a bone, does that mean it can break?


Surprisingly, yes, the penis can break. Sort of. Unlike some animals (walruses and some whales, for example), human males do not have a penis bone. This is a good thing. Most of the time, a penis needs to be out of the way and safe. (Soft and squishy is perfect.) Having a literal “boner” constantly would definitely make this more difficult.

But, obviously, sometimes the penis needs to be very rigid indeed-more like bonelike, in other words. This is accomplished by some very sophisticated plumbing and some amazingly expansive, sponge like tissue that runs the length of the penis. Basically, if you open up the spigots of blood feeding the penis, the sponges are quickly pumped full of blood by the pressure generated by the heart. But sponges alone do not a hard-on make. You also need to contain the sponges with something quite tough, inflexible, and strong. That function is served by the outer layer of the penis, just under the skin, which contains ligament like tissue.

So if an erect penis is bent hard enough by an errant thrust, the unfortunate owner, in addition to yelping with pain, may hear a curious cracking or popping noise, followed by swelling and bruising. What has happened is properly called a “fracture,” though of ligaments, not bone. This can be a serious problem, even if the penis appears to heal. The scar tissue that can form after a penile fracture can cause Peyronie’s disease, which causes the penis to have a bend to it that can be annoying or even debilitating.

By the way, the sexual position that involves the most serious risk of penile fracture? Woman on top. This is probably because in this position it’s very easy for the woman to rise up a tad too high during thrusting, thus letting the penis slip out. If it slips all the way out, it’s cause for a momentary readjustment. But if the penis is almost, but not quite, all the way out and the woman thrusts back down quickly…well, that’s when the snap, crackle, and pop is more likely to happen.

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