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Can you regain testosterone by taking supplements?

Can you regain testosterone by taking supplements?

If a guy is low on testosterone, can he regain his sexual youth by taking testosterone supplements?

First of all, testosterone isn’t taken as a “supplement.” Testosterone is destroyed in the stomach. That’s why it has to be either injected or slowly infused through the skin with a gel or a patch. Second, testosterone is like gasoline-it’s easy to blow yourself up with it (figuratively speaking). If a normal guy uses a patch or gel, he may very well feel a stronger sex drive or feel “younger.” But he may also make himself infertile. High doses of testosterone are actually a fairly good male contraceptive! In addition, testosterone can spur the growth of existing prostate cancer cells. Only if a guy has truly below-normal testosterone should testosterone replacement therapy be considered – and then only under the care of a doctor.

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