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“Can guys get penis extensions?”

“Can guys get penis extensions?”

“Can guys get penis extensions? Women can get bigger boobs, bigger lips, and tighter vaginas. Do guys have the same options? Are all those e-mails for “penile enhancement” for real?”

If the e-mail is for some herbal supplement, forget it. Nothing he takes by mouth is going to make a bit of difference to the size of a guy’s penis. (Of course, some things, like Viagra, will affect his erections, but even drugs can’t do anything about its actual size.) Sometimes vacuum devices are sold as “penis enlargers.” As I just mentioned, these devices will certainly enlarge a guy’s penis while it’s in the vacuum chamber. But it’s a bit difficult to have sex with the thing on your penis! And no permanent enlargement is produced by these devices. In fact, they can be dangerous. Create too much suction and you’re going to start breaking blood vessels in the penis, which will leave the guy with a really ugly-looking penis and possibly scar it on top of that, which could really impair his erections.

The only valid forms of enlargement are surgical-and you’re only a candidate for these if you truly have a tiny penis, the “microphallus.” One type of surgery releases ligaments at the base of the penis, which lets it hang down farther and appear longer. Other types of surgery use injections of natural or artificial materials to “bulk up” the girth of the penis. All of these carry risks common to surgery-except we’re dealing with an exquisitely sensitive organ here, so the pain of recovery is, well…really painful.

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