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Boxers Vs. Briefs

Boxers Vs. Briefs

What about the whole “boxers versus briefs” thing? I’ve heard that guys shouldn’t wear tightie whities because they restrict sperm production.


It’s true that the choice of boxers or briefs is a tad more complicated than most guys realize. Nature designed the testicles to hang in the breeze, because the machinery that makes sperm cells works best in temperatures several degrees below body temperature. Warming the testicles in any way-by sitting in a hot tub or working for long periods of time with a warm laptop computer-will impair a guy’s fertility to some extent.

Boxer underwear (or no underwear at all) lets the testicles hang more or less as Nature intended. Briefs don’t-and so, yes, tight underwear can be too tight, for fertility and nothing else. Some scientists have actually done experiments that demonstrate this. David Karabinus, who studies animal fertility at the University of Arizona, wrapped a bull’s testes in cloth (that must have been a dicey bit of methodology!) and found that the sperm quality dropped considerably. Ron Weber and colleagues in the Netherlands measured the temperature of the testicles of guys wearing boxers and compared them with that of the tightie-whitie boys. As expected, the boxer crowd was cooler-literally.

Of course, we’re talking about relatively small differences. If wearing briefs made guys permanently sterile, you can bet that that fashion would become extinct faster than you can say “hypogonadism.” But the effect is at least somewhat there in the short term, so if you are in the process of trying to make a baby, I suggest switching to boxers or simply “going commando” (meaning dispensing with the entire business of underwear).

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