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‘How do I convince my boyfriend that his baldness is not an issue in our relationship?’

‘How do I convince my boyfriend that his baldness is not an issue in our relationship?’

Jenna’s boyfriend is 27 and has a hair loss issue. Jenna says she doesn’t really care, but it bothers him immensely. How can she convince him that she finds her boyfriend attractive, with or without the hair?

My advice:

Jenna, you’re saying you don’t care about your boyfriend’s baldness, but it sounds like maybe it’s a bigger deal than you’re letting on, and I think he senses that too. Going bald almost always just a genetically-controlled thing that happens to all men, though at different rates and different patterns. There’s not usually too much in our lifestyles that we can do to prevent it.

The basic cause of balding is a buildup of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Guy’s with a lot of this hormone tend to lose their hair early. Now, it’s possible to block or inhibit DHT by using what’s called reductase inhibitors. These inhibitors are found in prescribed medications like Rogaine and Propecia. However, there are also some risks associated with these, so make sure to talk with your doctor before deciding it’s right for you.

These treatments won’t work for every guy either. And remember, whatever course of action you try, baldness can be a very sensitive subject to a man. So, the important thing to keep in mind here is to be supportive and teach your boyfriend about what having a relationship really means to you. It’s not the physical aspect; it’s the emotional contact you’re after.

Most guys don’t know what women want out of a relationship, so you should be open with him, and don’t assume he knows this. Men think they need to be the most macho thing around and that the physical aspect is the most important part to a relationship. I think if you tell your boyfriend what you really want, and that the hair has very little to do with the big picture of the relationship, that’s all you’ll need to get past this sensitive issue.

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