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‘Why do I have such bad body odor?’

‘Why do I have such bad body odor?’

Darren’s had bad body odor for years, and it’s had a negative impact on his life. He wants to know what’s causing it, and what he can do to get rid of it.

My advice:

Darren, there are a lot of potential causes behind bad body odor, so the first thing to do is to ask a lot of questions about your lifestyle to try and pin down the culprit.

Here’s a possible explanation: Have you lost a lot of weight recently? People who are very thin can give off what’s called a ketone smell. Ketones are produced when the body burns fat at a very high rate. This can be caused by rapid weight loss, heavy exercise, or illness. The ketones are released into the blood and urine, which eventually find their way into your breath and sweat. Of course, it’s great to lose extra weight, but you should do it gradually and not with any extreme or fad diets. If you cut calories but still eat a balanced diet, you shouldn’t have odor from ketones.

But there are other causes of bad breath or body odor. I understand you eat a significant amount of garlic. This can definitely affect your body odor. Even though it is very healthy for you, garlic stinks! Taking garlic supplements a couple times a day has been shown to contain many health promoting phyto-nutrient substances that have proven benefits against coronary artery diseases, infections and cancers.

However, the flavor and scent of the garlic infuses the blood and doesn’t leave your body for days. The bottom line is: garlic is the number one cause of strong body odor, so if it’s bothering you this much, then you need to stop using this supplement. There are plenty of other ways to improve your health — regular exercise being the best.

Now, Darren, remember that some body odor is completely natural. Even if you shower every day, you’ll develop some odor if you don’t use any antiperspirants or deodorants. I’m not saying you have to use these products — that’s a personal choice — but if your diet is healthy and not loaded with garlic, you shower regularly and use deodorant, I’ll bet you’ll be fine.

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