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As you move into your fifties…

As you move into your fifties…

How to keep your plumbing up to date as you move into your fifties…

“The penis is the dipstick of the body’s health,” says Dr Harry Fisch. “It’s a telltale. If you have trouble with erections, then it indicates a problem with your health. For example, if you have erectile dysfunction, that could be a precursor to heart disease. Men who have high cholesterol are more likely to have erectile dysfunction. It’s interconnected.”

Harry’s advice:

To keep your body maintained during your fifties, I suggest knowing these numbers at all times:

  1. Blood pressure
  2. Glucose level
  3. Cholesterol level
  4. Testosterone

A very important part to keep in check is the prostate. Upon turning fifty, get the prostate –specific antigen, the test for prostate cancer and other problems, including infection or enlargement. It is common for prostates to grow larger as men grow older but experiencing constant urination at night, burning or hesitancy could be a sign of a prostate problem.

Another significant factor is testosterone. Though your levels should drop slightly each year the difference should not be noticeable. You should be just as able and interested in sex as you always were. If you are having problems, it could be a problem with weight gain, sleeplessness or medication taken, since these can all lower testosterone levels.


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