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Women: “Are any men NOT sex-crazed?”

Women: “Are any men NOT sex-crazed?”

I know some women who just aren’t huge fans of sex. It’s not that common, but it doesn’t seem that odd, either. Talking, cuddling, just hanging out watching a movie can be really exciting for a woman because of the closeness it provides. But men are “supposed” to be constantly sex-ready. Or are there guys out there who don’t care about sex either?

Harry’s advice:

Like every other stereotype, the one labeling all guys as sex-obsessed is cartoonish and wrong. Like practically everything else in nature, sex drive falls on a continuum. Yes, some guys really don’t care about sex. Generally speaking, these are guys with very low levels of testosterone. That’s relatively uncommon in younger men, but it does happen for a wide range of physiological reasons. It’s more common in older men, whose testosterone levels are naturally lower than they once were. Guys who were on the low end of the “normal” spectrum of T levels when they were young may well find themselves going for days at a time not thinking or really caring about sex when they’re in their fifties, sixties, or older. That, too, is normal. It’s Nature’s way of taking their sperm cells-which are much more likely to be damaged or unhealthy-out of the gene pool. Of course, there are plenty of older men who most definitely have a sex drive, and there’s absolutely no reason they can’t continue to enjoy sex as long as they want (barring obvious medical conditions such as serious heart disease).

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