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‘Are e-cigarettes healthier than traditional tobacco cigarettes?’

‘Are e-cigarettes healthier than traditional tobacco cigarettes?’

Eric has recently quit smoking traditional cigarettes. Now he smokes electronic cigarettes, which gives him his nicotine-fix. Electronic cigarettes produce mist that you can inhale that recreates the experience of smoking a tobacco cigarette. He wants to know, are e-cigarettes any better for you?

My advice:

What I worry about with tobacco cigarettes are the heavy metals that the big tobacco companies put in them. Cigarettes contain the heavy metal cadmium. There are inhalants in them that can cause you to get lung cancer. There are also things in them that can cause heart disease. Cigarettes also cause erectile dysfunction. But, these are all related to tobacco.

Tobacco and tobacco cigarettes are both a big problem, Eric. But, nicotine isn’t problem free. Nicotine constricts your blood vessels. Constricted blood vessels leads to heart disease. Nicotine can also cause you to have high blood pressure.

What you’re doing is half-assed. I don’t like it. It’s neither here nor there. You’ve gotten rid of the crappy stuff in the tobacco cigarettes, but you’ve still got the nicotine.

Why can’t you just stop smoking? I’m being a little flippant now. It turns out, it’s harder to quit smoking cigarettes than it is to stop taking heroin or cocaine. Did you know that?

You need to know how hard it is to quit smoking. Drink a lot of fluids to help with those nicotine headaches. Start exercising in the morning. You need to replace cigarettes with something else. When you’re stressed at work and want to take a break, instead of going for a cigarette, walk up and down the stairs or take a walk around the neighborhood.

Make sure you have another hobby. Smoking cigarettes is a hobby. Find another hobby, and you’ll be fine.

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