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Brad, 52, is worried about colon cancer…

Brad, 52, is worried about colon cancer…

Brad, 52, is worried about colon cancer. Most of his uncles on his dad side have died of colon cancer and his dad now has it. Brad has never had a colonoscopy. He wants to know, are there any signs that he might have colon cancer so that he doesn’t have to get a colonoscopy?

Harry’s advice:

Brad, I’m going to drive down to wherever you are and take you to a gastroenterologist myself. If your family is dying of colon cancer, you have to get a colonoscopy. Colonoscopies are recommended every ten years after the age of fifty if you’re healthy. But if you’re family has a history of it, they’re recommended more often and you should’ve started getting them at forty-years-old. So, you’re twelve years overdue for one.

Colon cancer is a silent disease. There may be no signs or symptoms. You may not know you have colon cancer until it’s too late and you die. That is why colonoscopies are so important. They’re also not as unpleasant as you may think they are. Your doctor will give you something to help you evacuate your bowels the night before, which isn’t so
great. But, they sedate you during the procedure and I can tell you, I felt nothing.

You should also look into familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP), which may run in your family. When you have FAP, an inherited condition, polyps form in the large intestine. They turn from benign to malignant and become colon cancer.

You don’t have health insurance, but I promise you the cost of a colonoscopy is worth saving up for or cutting corners because it’s your life on the line. You want to be around for your kids and grandkids, don’t you? There’s got to be a clinic or medical center in your area with free or affordable screenings for colon cancer.

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