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An important side effect of heart disease you need to know about

An important side effect of heart disease you need to know about

A recent study from Duke University has uncovered some surprising fact. It turns out that heart disease is a leading contributor to prostate cancer.

So what’s bad for your heart is bad for your penis. This study surveyed 6,390 men, taking a look at men that had a history of coronary artery (heart) disease. The study found that if you had a history of artery disease, you had a 35 percent greater risk of developing prostate cancer. Holy cow! This is a very significant risk.

Not only this, but you also have a 24 percent greater risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer within two years after this study was conducted.

So this study confirms how inter-connected men’s health really is. It makes it more than clear that heart disease is directly connected to your risk of getting prostate cancer. So if this scares you, it’s probably time you started paying attention to what you eat.

A high-fat diet, for instance, is not only bad for your heart (and can directly lead to coronary heart disease), but it’s also been shown to be related to prostate cancer as well. Fatty diets are essentially poison to your body, so if you’re consuming a lot of junk food, then you’ve got a big problem.

I recommend supplementing a lower fat diet with fish oils. If you consume fish oil as part of your daily caloric intake, you’ll not only lower your risk of heart disease, but lower your risk of prostate cancer as well. The Omega-3 fatty acids found in these oils will reduce your LDL cholesterol (this is the bad cholesterol) levels, and increase your HDL levels.

So, if you want to have a great life with less chance of developing cancer and heart disease, then pay attention to your diet, and you’ll be able to improve your health naturally.

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