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Study: Abusive boss not good for marriage

Study: Abusive boss not good for marriage

You might want to kill your ‘Horrible Boss’ but a new study published in the journal Personnel Psychology, found your bad boss is more likely killing your marriage.

Researchers at Baylor University found that stress and tension caused by an abusive boss negatively impacts an employee’s partner, which affects the marital relationship and subsequently the employee’s entire family.

“These findings have important implications for organizations and their managers. The evidence highlights the need for organizations to send an unequivocal message to those in supervisory positions that these hostile and harmful behaviors will not be tolerated,” said Dawn Carlson, Ph.D., study author and professor of management at the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University.

Supervisor abuse was defined as throwing tantrums, rudeness, public criticism and inconsiderate action.

“It may be that as supervisor abuse heightens tension in the relationship, the employee is less motivated or able to engage in positive interactions with the partner and other family members,” said Merideth Ferguson, PH.D., study co-author and assistant professor of management and entrepreneurship at Baylor.

Study results are based on an online survey of 280 employees and their partners.  Participants were asked how often supervisors use negative behavior and how often did the employee’s partner feel irritated by their partner, among other questions.

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