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A normal amount of testosterone?

A normal amount of testosterone?

Is there such thing as a natural, normal amount of testosterone?

This is an interesting question. Not really. Unlike, say, blood pressure or body temperature, both of which have relatively specific values for “normal,” it turns out that there’s a huge range of “normal” when it comes to testosterone. Any level between 300 and 1,100 nanograms per deciliter of blood is considered normal. Although guys on the low end will probably have less intense sex drive than guys on the high end, they’ll both be perfectly “functional” in that regard and you wouldn’t be able to predict their T levels just by looking at them. It’s only when guys have either very low or very high testosterone levels that physical or mental changes are noticeable. Man with levels below 300 (a condition called hypogonadism) tend to have little interest in sex and are usually non confrontational, socially inhibited, and physically weak. Men with higher-than-normal testosterone tend to be just the reverse: obsessed with sex, competitive, aggressive, extroverted, physical, and tending toward more action-oriented activities or careers. But within the normal range, testosterone levels play only a background role and other aspects of personality dominate.

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