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Want a six pack? Cut out the crap and get healthy!

Want a six pack? Cut out the crap and get healthy!

Eric, 20, has been working out for 2 years. He’s healthy and fit, but he can’t seem to get his abs to “form.” What steps can Eric take to get the six-pack he wants so badly?

Harry’s advice:

Join the club, buddy! That’s the hardest thing, to get that six-pack. You know what I’ve got? I’ve got a keg. When I see a guy whose 40 and has a six-pack, I think there’s something wrong with the man. You’re not supposed to have a six-pack at 40. My son, however, he’s 16 and he’s got an eight-pack. It’s unbelievable. He’s built like a Greek sculpture.

If you want a six-pack you need to go to the gym a lot. My son runs and plays soccer, he also goes to the gym for six-hours a week. He doesn’t eat crap. The biggest change I saw in him was when he stopped drinking sodas. He used to drink Sprite like they were going out of business. But, he quit cold turkey, no more sugary drinks. The change I saw in him was amazing. That’s when he really got healthy and in shape.

If you crave soda, try drinking seltzer or soda water instead. Throw a lemon in the water and it tastes great. Be careful not to drink soda water with big bubbles in it. Look for little bubbles. Drinking anything with big bubbles in it can make you have gas and make you bloated.

You want a six-pack, so no soda. No added sugar. Don’t drink apple juice or grapefruit juice, either. There’s a fallacy that that stuff is healthy. It’s not. You don’t needed added sugar in your diet.

You need to cut out the breads, pizza, pasta, cookies and cake. If you want the babes, you have to look as healthy as possible. One of the reasons is that if you have a small waist, it means you have a high testosterone level. The bigger the belly, the lower the testosterone. When you eat breads, pizza, pasta, cookies and cake, your belly grows. You need to keep your portions under control. I just came back from Italy and in comparison to Italian restaurants in America their portions are miniscule. If you have low self-control like I do, you need to stay away from restaurants or foods that make you lose control.

Eric, to get your six-pack, you need to do three things. You need to start hitting the gym more often. You need to cut out sugary drinks like soda. And you need to cut out the junk food, which includes breads, pizza, pasta, cookies and cake. You do those three things, you’ll be on your way to achieving your babe-attracting abs.

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